Outsource Your Sales Force Today

What is Sales Outsourcing?

Sales Outsourcing is the practice having a 3rd party solution acting as your company’s sales force.  Instead of hiring, training and keeping a sales force in house, your company could save money and increase productivity by outsourcing your sales division. 

Why Outsource Your Sales Force?

Many companies save money by outsourcing their sales force and increase overall sales by having a group of dedicated sales professionals who are well trained and fluent in the sales market.  Most sales outsourcing companies have a rigorous interview and training process. Because they are left to focus on one side of business, outsourced sales forces are often more productive than inhouse sales solutions.
Some common benefits of outsourcing sales are:
  • - Many outsourced sales companies offer a shared risk, shared rewards arrangement.
  • - You won’t have to worry about hiring, training, or position turnover.
  • - Increased ROI.
  • - Shorten your sales cycle.
  • - Better close ratio.
  • - Lower cost per sale

Who Should Outsource Their Sales Department?

There are many benefits from outsourcing a sales force.  Depending on your company’s unique positions in the market, you may want to outsource you sales department if:

  • Your company wants to speed its product or service to market. If you can’t afford to waste time hiring and training an in house sales force, outsourcing your sales department could be the best solution to enable you to enter the market immediately.
  • Your company is looking to expand into new markets.  The advantage that many sales outsourcing companies have is their expertise across multiple DMAs – and since these service only focus on sales, they usually keep detailed information about what sales tactics work best where. 
  • Your company is unsure on how to measure the success of your current sales department.  Use an outsourced sales company as a comparison to gauge success of your current sales efforts. 
  • Want to see how effective your current sales efforts are?  Compare your internal sales efforts against a sales outsourcing service.  You may be shocked by the results.
  • Your company wants to test new products or services without disrupting current internal sales efforts.  Is your team busy or over burdened, but you still want to launch that new product or service?  Hire a sales outsource company to get your product out in the live market faster.